Carol Pardell

Pine Needle Artist

For 35 years, I spent my working life doing cosmetic dentistry. Retiring to Summerfield, Florida, I needed something to keep my artistic juices flowing. In 2008, I started creating pine needle baskets.

My vision is born when I am inspired by an artistic idea that triggers the bottom, or inset within a basket. Pine needle baskets are originally a Native American art. Needles are hand collected from pine trees in Florida. They are washed, trimmed, dyed or painted. Securing them into place is done by stitching them with artificial sinew.

“Each piece is an original design. They are all one of a kind and take 2 to 4 weeks to complete. Shapes, colors and a multitude of materials spur my vision”. 

Today, my pieces have evolved into more artistic designs than just baskets. I continue to use pine needles, but they are not always the focal point. I now create and experiment with different elements to create interesting pieces. I may paint a picture, wood carve a design or mold clay for the base. I then use resin to incorporate metal, glass, stone, coral, beads and other contemporary materials to create a 2D or 3D unique creation.

I delight in working with different materials, bringing them together into innovative and complex designs.

My work is continuously changing as I discover new methods and techniques. Many times, I don’t have a particularly completed idea. I love making things up on the fly which often adds a new dimension to my work.

For me, art is a journey and I hope this journey will carry me for many more years.